Swedish biofuel consumption reaches 1.7 million m3 in 2018 : Biofuels Digest


In Sweden, a new report from the Swedish fuel and biofuels agency SPBI says the volume of biofuels in the transport sector including work machines amounted to approximately 1.7 million cubic meters in 2018. The biggest in the market is HVO drop in, followed by HVO 100.

When the share of renewable fuels in the transport sector on energy base is calculated for 2018, the share of renewable energy will fall to 19.5% compared with the previous year of 21.4%. However, the figures are not comparable with the previous year due to extensive changes in the reporting system. The volumes of biofuels in 2018 are distributed in addition to the transport sector to other work areas such as work machines, tractors and fixed installations, which was not done in the previous reporting.

The reduction obligation was introduced as a policy instrument on 1 July 2018. HVO drop in is still dominant on the market with 7.8% or 680,000 m3, then HVO 100 with 4.5% or 395,000 m3 followed by low-incorporated FAME with 3% or 271,000 m3.

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