Swedavia’s airports to refuel with aviation biofuel for the next few days : Biofuels Digest


In Sweden, beginning June 5 and for the next few days, bio jet fuel will be used to refuel aircraft at several of Swedavia’s airports, including Stockholm Arlanda Airport. These airports are some of the only ones in the world to use this fuel, which sharply reduces emissions of fossil carbon dioxide. This venture is part of Swedavia’s strategy to work for the transformation of the air transport industry to tackle climate change and for fossil-free Swedish air travel by 2045.

Swedavia has worked for a number of years to promote large-scale use of bio jet fuel, which reduces emissions of fossil carbon dioxide by up to 80 per cent compared to traditional jet fuel. Since 2016, Swedavia purchases bio jet fuel each year for the amount used for the company’s air travel for business purposes, equivalent to about 450 tons.

This year’s delivery of bio jet fuel is made from used cooking oil by the Finnish producer Neste. The fuel is mixed in with traditional jet fuel and will be used for refueling at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Malmö Airport, Umeå Airport and Åre Östersund Airport. Later in June, Göteborg Landvetter Airport will also receive a delivery. The bulk of this year’s supply will be delivered to Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

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