Slight increase in ethanol production this week : Biofuels Digest


In Washington, D.C. ethanol production averaged 1.081 million barrels per day (b/d), an increase of 8,000 b/d, or 0.7%, according to EIA data analyzed by the Renewable Fuels Association. This is equivalent to 45.40 million gallons daily. The four-week average ethanol production rate rose 0.8% to 1.082 million b/d—the highest since December 2017. This is equivalent to an annualized rate of 16.59 billion gallons (bg).

Ethanol stocks grew 5.9% to 22.8 million barrels, a 6-week high. Stocks expanded across all PADDs except the Rocky Mountain (PADD 4) region. There were no imports reported for the third consecutive week. (Weekly export data for ethanol is not reported simultaneously; the latest export data is as of May 2019.)

The volume of gasoline supplied edged 0.3% higher to 9.492 million b/d (398.7 million gallons per day, or 145.51 bg annualized). Refiner/blender net inputs of ethanol declined 0.4% to 947,000 b/d, equivalent to 14.52 bg annualized. Expressed as a percentage of daily gasoline demand, daily ethanol production increased to 11.39%.

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