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In India, Indian biomass-based energy company Punjab Renewable Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. (PRESPL), has raised private equity investment from Shell. responsAbility was the first to invest during the company’s ‘Series-A’ in Sep 2013, followed by a ‘Series-B’ investment from Neev Fund in April 2019. With this follow-on fund investment by Shell, the ‘Series-B’ round of PRESPL stands fully subscribed & closed.

Intellecap served as the exclusive investment banker for these investments in ‘Series-A & B’.

PRESPL, an end-to-end Bio-Energy Solutions Company, is a Pioneer and Leading company in this Sector with good repository of Biomass Assessment, refined processes for Biomass Aggregation and Logistics, O&M and BOOT contracts with reputed industries as long-tenor Steam Purchase Agreements (SPA). It also has rich experience in Briquetting industry, Co-Generation Plants and Biomass IPP. PRESPL has now partnered top companies for manufacture of biofuels such as bioethanol, bio-cng, drop-in fuels, etc, as the key biomass supply chain manager; owing to it’s rural-friendly business models with experience to handle a supply of over 1,000 MT/day with an anticipated scale-up to nearly 10,000 MT/Day in the next few years.

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