Netherlands on target for 10% biofuels for 2020 as consumption hits 8.9% in 2018 : Biofuels Digest


In the Netherlands, the country is on track to reach the European target for renewable energy for transport of 10% in 2020. This means that in 2018, the Netherlands will be well above the European average at 8.9%. This is apparent from the total report on the deployment and origin of renewable energy for transport, which the Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) reports annually.

In the past year, the share of renewable energy for transport increased by 25% compared to 2017. Energy from renewable sources consists mainly of liquid biofuel, such as biodiesel and biobenzine, with used frying fat as the main raw material. The majority of biofuels come from abroad. The share of electricity is small, but it is increasing. The use of biogas also increased.

The use of so-called advanced fuels (including fuels from waste streams) is encouraged by stricter regulations. As a result, the use of these sustainable fuels has increased sixfold in 2018. In addition, more stringent requirements have been imposed on fuel suppliers to demonstrate that their fuels have actually entered the Dutch market. Recent research figures from Statistics Netherlands show that the majority of all fuels entered have indeed been demonstrably supplied to transport in the Netherlands and that these measures therefore have an effect.

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