It’s MAGIC!: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Algae’s Pivotal Role


Some people believe in magic and some don’t but MAGIC is real in this case – the Marine AlGae Industrialization Consortium, that is. MAGIC is working on answering the question “How do we produce that remaining 15 bboe/year of energy-dense, liquid hydrocarbon fuels to meet the demands of aviation, trucking and marine shipping while still becoming effectively net carbon negative?” Why, through algal solutions of course!

At the recent Algae Biomass Summit in Orlando, Florida, Charles Greene and Mark Huntley from the Marine AlGae Industrialization Consortium shared the latest on how algal biomass for biofuels and other commodity products as well as integrating algae with bioenergy carbon capture and storage can be part of the climate change solution, and more.

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