FuelCell energy’s carbonate fuel cell tech produces graphene and carbon fiber : Biofuels Digest


In Missouri, New Energy Opportunities reports that FuelCell Energy’s solid oxide cells produce electricity more efficiently than a steam-fired generator, but the efficiency is driven by the hydrogen that is also produced in the process. FuelCell Energy’s molten carbonate fuel cell technology can be used to produce graphene and carbon fiber materials from virtually all current coal and gas-powered electrical generation plants, according to New Energy.

Similar to how the value of the carbon being released from the carbon dioxide waste stream of a solid oxide fuel cell can be captured into carbon nanotubes and other carbon-based chemicals, FuelCell Energy’s molten carbonate fuel cell can capture the carbon from any power plant. Additionally, for an average-sized, LNG-fired utility plant burning 3,500 tons of fuel per day they can be capturing up to 2,600 tons of carbon into nanotubes worth at least $520,000. That equates to $1.898 billion in a year that any utility can soon be capturing into their local economies instead of letting it blow away. The carbon capture credit from section 45(Q) of the Internal Revenue Code will pay for the fuel cells in the first year.

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