Fighting Forest Fires with Biofuels: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Red Rock Biofuels : Biofuels Digest


Red Rock Biofuels produces drop-in, renewable, low-carbon jet and diesel fuels. RRB makes the long-commercialized Fischer-Tropsch process economic at the biomass scale. By using forest and sawmill residues, Red Rock reduces the risk of catastrophic wildfires by removing waste biomass from overgrown forests.

Terry Kulesa, CEO of Red Rock Biofuels revealed details on their process technology, a project overview on their advanced biofuels production facility in Lakeview, Oregon that converts woody biomass into renewable drop-in jet, diesel and gasoline blendstock fuels, and more at ABLC 2019 in Washington, D.C.

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