Faster genetic engineering and fighting antibiotic resistance: The Digest’s 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to Scibac : Biofuels Digest


Scibac is new and the underlying MERGE technology, is strikingly new; however, the co-founders Jeanette Mucha, Anthony Cann and Derick Twomey are veterans of the advanced bioeconomy, having spent a number of years  at Cobalt Technologies bringing forward that biochamicals platform

Cobalt was about the clostridium bacteria— and SciBac is in a neighboring region, but in strains that are human pathogens and show antibiotic resistance.

Yes, the Resistance. Forget the Resistance you hear about in politics, Antibiotic Resistance is an real and existential challenge in health and wellness. How do we target specific diseases through advanced traits? How do we reduce the risk of reinfection. Above all, how do we do strain development an order of magnitude faster — or more — than traditional gene engineering? These are questions prospectively answered by Scibac’s technology.

We recently featured this presentation deck when Scibac appeared on our webinar series The Early Stage.

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