Diesel engines CAN be friends with ethanol!: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to ClearFlame Engines : Biofuels Digest


ClearFlame Engines spoke at a recent Biofuels Digest webinar about diesel fueled engines and how they can be running on ethanol via ClearFlame engines that can be easily integrated into existing designs. They’ve already demonstrated a 10% savings in fuel by retrofitting their work truck to use ethanol, and their technology can allow ethanol to dominate a wide range of previously inaccessible markets like heavy duty diesel transportation.

BJ Johnson, CEO and Julie Blumreiter, CTO, both of ClearFlame Engines, gave this illuminating overview of diesel compared to ethanol, using ethanol in diesel applications, and how ClearFlame’s designs can adapt diesel engines for ethanol fuel, combining both performance and emissions benefits, and more

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