Delaware Governor Orders Creation of Offshore Wind Working Group


Delaware Gov. John Carney today authorized the creation of an Offshore Wind Working Group (OWWG) to advance offshore wind for the state.

An executive order establishing the OWWG says the group will study how Delaware can participate in developing offshore wind; identify ways to leverage the related economic opportunities; and make specific recommendations for engaging in the development of offshore wind for Delaware.

The OWWG, which will have 17 members, including at least three from the energy industry, will meet before the end of September to consider:

  • Pertinent laws and regulations governing the development of offshore wind, and recommendations of changes to laws and regulations
  • Environmental benefits of developing offshore wind for Delaware
  • Economic opportunities presented by the offshore wind industry
  • Benefits and costs of developing offshore wind, including environmental and health benefits, energy market impacts, economic opportunities and rate impacts
  • Barriers and opportunities involved in developing offshore wind to benefit Delaware

The executive order calls for the group to deliver a report to the governor by Dec. 15 to identify, among other things, recommendations for shorter- and longer-term strategies for procuring offshore wind power to serve Delaware and a draft of any necessary implementing legislation.

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