Convergence, the Enabler: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Hot Tech in Bioenergy : Biofuels Digest


Spruce Capital Partners understands that when technologies converge, magic can happen. Combining robotics and AI with biology is creating huge strides in the bioeconomy that were never thought possible. Converging genomics with crops and food production could solve many issues worldwide. Even better, it’s already happening.

Roger Wyse, Managing Director of Spruce Capital Partners takes us on a ride through some of the hottest technologies and their applications like the role of robotics and the Internet of Things in the bioeconomy, CRISPR and gene editing such as Inscripta, Provivi’s proprietary bio-catalysis enabled processes in controlling insects, microbials role in crop enhancement and protection, Pivot Bio, food tech, Greenlight Biosciences and their RNA revolution, Amfora, and more.

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