ABLC Wolves Devour 6 Technologies: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to The Wolfpack : Biofuels Digest


If 4th of July is making you hungry, we have the satisfying slides that will satiate your hunger for thoughts from renowned due diligence experts on the latest and hottest technologies. You won’t want to miss these slides, esp. if you missed ABLC’s Wolfpack this April.

Paul Bryan from Sandia National Labs, James Iademarco from Strategic Avalanche, Joel Stone from ConVergence, David Dodds from Dodds & Associates, Michele Rubino an independent consultant, all shared their praises and criticisms on 6 hot companies at ABLC. Check out these slides to get the details on the 6 companies – Modern Meadow’s leather and materials without the cow, Carbon Engineering’s carbon capture technology, Xyleco’s advanced products from biomass, Bolt Threads’ advanced materials and fabrics using biotech, Amyris’ specialty nutrition and cannabinoids, Ryze Renewables’ renewable diesel and jet technology and more

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