Why Not Now? The Digest’s 2018 Multi Slide Guide to Biofuels’ Barriers and Drivers : Biofuels Digest


“The fuels market is about the largest in the world,” says Terry Mazanec. “Each succeeding generation of inspired inventors and entrepreneurs, with visions of immense profits dancing in their heads, have taken on the challenge of energy.  Now the world turns its lonely eyes to biofuels. The attraction of developing an alternative fuel source that is completely renewable, locally sourced, and morally uplifting due to its ability to impact CO2 and CH4 emissions, is inescapable. The litany of companies founded in the last 20 years with the intent of producing sustainable fuels is nearly as long as Moby Dick. The list of those that failed or changed focus is only a page shorter.

“The critical realization that biofuels entrepreneurs need to come to is that the widespread displacement of petroleum will be a very long and difficult process for all the reasons cited above. Even Draconian government interventions can only make a small dent in the market and only in very limited geographies. Moreover, reliance on government largesse is only as steadfast as government policy, which ultimately reflects the will of the people and their response to living conditions and costs.”

Mazanec gave this illuminating overview of advanced biofuels progress and promise at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC.

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