Trump Says Section 201 Solar Trade Case Decision Coming Soon


Editor’s Take: While the industry is waiting with bated breath on a decision on the Section 201 Solar Trade Case, Trump says we’ll have a decision soon. I must say, however, that this Trump quote makes me think that tariffs are likely. 


‘You know, they dump ‘em – government-subsidized, lots of things happening – they dump the panels, then everybody goes out of business,” he said.’


Hoping to stave off tariffs, on Wednesday, January 17, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) CEO Abby Hopper sent a personal plea to the President to not impose tariffs. 


“A decision to impose high tariffs in line with the International Trade Commission’s recommendation will lead to the layoff of tens of thousands of workers, cause companies to stop investing in the United States and bring an American economic engine screeching to a halt,” Hopper wrote in her letter.  


So, any day now, we should know. —JR


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