The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Aircraft


As Hüseyin Turan Arat of İskenderun Technical University and Meryem Gizem Sürer observed in a recent paper, “With the increasing world population and the energy consumption, the aviation industry has led the technology and researches to alternative and/or renewable energy sources depending on the risk of depletion on kerosene fuels and its effects on the price increasement and environmental negativeness. Hydrogen energy, which H2 is the most abundant element in the universe and most of it exists in the form of water and organic compounds, is considered the most promising fuel for all vehicles which need to effective energy. The diversity of availability and the renewability of hydrogen fuel have opened the way for use in different engineering applications with the creation of an environmentally friendly.”

Recently, there was a fast pitch presentation on the topic of fuel cell aircraft given at ARPA-E, and we have it here ready for you.

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