Shell launches new Solar Storage tariff together with sonnen


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Published: 15 Jul 2020, 11:31

Image: Shell Energy.

Shell Energy has launched a new Solar Storage tariff as part of its partnership with German battery manufacturer sonnen.

Customers with solar panels installed on their homes will be able to earn solar credits in the summer, when they are generating excess power that can be exported to the grid. These credits can then be used come winter to save money on bills.

Iris Lacorn, Energy Marketing Strategy & Innovation manager at Shell said on LinkedIn: “We have been bringing together the best in Shell to the benefit of the customers, the intelligent solar storage batteries from our subsidiary sonnen and the perfectly matching new Solar Storage tariff from Shell Energy.

“It’s been a great team effort and am really happy to bring this new offer to market helping our customers to get the most from clean solar energy for their homes.”

To qualify for the tariff, customers need to install a sonnenBatterie, a domestic energy storage battery.

The battery will help customers store energy during the day, which they can then use in the evening and overnight to reduce their carbon footprint and their bills on a day to day basis. The Shell Solar Storage tariff then brings the same benefits over the course of the year it argues, allowing consumers to save up to£150.

Shell first began working with sonnen in 2018, following Shell Ventures participating in a €60 million (£52.6 million) financing round. In February 2019, the energy major announced that it was acquiring the battery manufacturer in a bid to accelerate its home energy services position.

The Solar Storage tariff follows the launch of two new carbon neutral tariffs in June, with the ‘Go Further’ tariffs providing carbon neutral electricity and gas.

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