Portuguese biofuel producers say they don’t use palm oil as feedstock : Biofuels Digest


In Portugal, Ojogo reports that the Portuguese Association of Biofuel Producers, which accounts for 80% of biodiesel incorporated in diesel in Portugal, said none of its member companies uses palm oil in the production of its biofuels.

On Monday, environmental protesters focused on European Commission representations in several European capitals, including Lisbon, to protest against palm oil in biofuels, denouncing the effects of deforestation and impacts on animals such as the orangutan.

According to the Portuguese environmental association ZERO, which supported the initiative in Lisbon, 31 million liters were used in Portugal between January and September of last year, four times more than in all of 2017.

In a statement, APPB, which represents close to 80% of the biodiesel incorporated in diesel through its associates Prio, Sovena, Fabrica Torrejana and Iberol explains that “none of these domestic producers uses palm oil in the production of their biofuels and, therefore, the country and Portuguese consumers are not being hit by this sign of concern. “

According to the association, “this reality is, moreover, well known to the authorities and is well evident in official statistics”.

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