Offshore Wind Farms Are Planned for California — But the Navy Says No to Large Sections of the Coast


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The path to new offshore wind development along the U.S. East Coast is all but set in stone. Thousands of megawatts of offshore wind are slated in policies set out by several East Coast states. And proposed project timelines put commercial operations for new projects in the early 2020s. But that kind of clarity is just not available for California’s offshore wind future.


State officials have indicated that, without opposition, offshore wind could begin generating electricity for California in the 2025 timeframe. Initial emphasis from stakeholders for which project would be first for the state was placed on a proposal in an area near Morro Bay, but opposition from the U.S. Navy that cropped up later in the 2017 put those plans in jeopardy.  


Now, the LA Time reports that stakeholders are still trying to work with the Navy to sort out which areas it believes should be off limits to offshore wind development.


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