Low-carbon jet fuel and diesel, at scale : The Digest 2018 Multi-Slide Guide to AltAir Fuels : Biofuels Digest


Established in 2013, AltAir Fuels was created to produce low carbon fuels and chemicals derived from sustainable feedstock. For its first commercial project, AltAir partnered with Alon Energy USA to use its existing refinery in Paramount, California retooling idled refining equipment to increase the nation’s energy supply, while positively impacting the southern California economy. Through process technology developed by Honeywell’s UOP, AltAir retrofitted the existing refinery to produce renewable biofuel.

Now, the facility will convert non-edible natural oils and agricultural waste into approximately 40 million gallons of low-carbon, advanced biofuels and chemicals per year. Ultimately World Energy acquired AltAir and also the Paramount Refinery.

AltAir CEO Bryan Sherbacow gave this illuminating overview of AltAir’s technology, milestones and progress at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC.

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