Learnings from the Earnings – Who’s Up? Who’s Down? : Biofuels Digest


The lucky 13 – with spring comes a sense of renewal and this season these lucky 13 bioeconomy bellwethers recently shared their 2018 and Q4 earnings to reveal uncertainties with trade wars, especially between the U.S. and China, some deals that fell through impacting losses, and pricing issues. But all is not lost as there were some significant gains in oilseeds, ethanol and wet distillers’ grains, food ingredients and nutrition.

In today’s Digest, let’s look at trends driving the industry’s results at scale — and while money is not the measure of all progress, it is the ultimate yardstick and especially for companies that have reached industrial scale. So, let’s look at Q4 and 2018 year-end earnings statements now just coming out from 13 of the bioeconomy’s signature companies:

  1. ADM
  2. Aemetis
  3. Amyris
  4. BASF
  5. Calyxt
  6. Corbion
  7. DSM
  8. DowDuPont
  9. Evogene
  10. Green Plains
  11. Neste
  12. Novozymes
  13. REG
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