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With ever-evolving technology, we are now able to achieve what we only dreamt of in the last decade. From the time where we would rarely use a telephone to constantly video calling our friends and family, we are truly living the best life.

We have excelled tremendously in communication, from just being able to speak on the phone, to now having multiple options. We can call, do video calls, send videos and pictures, and even send disappearing messages.

Social media is now part of everyone’s life. We start our day by checking Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. We are consuming content at a very high rate. Social media has also opened up many opportunities for earning aside from traditional 9-5 jobs.

Businesses are trying to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies to gain more customers. Not only social media but the internet itself has also provided multiple ways to have more interaction with potential customers, such as email marketing and search marketing.

It can be quite confusing to select between email, social, or search marketing and to know which one will suit the business best. That’s why here we have listed all of the pros and cons that come along with each type of marketing so that you can select the best option.

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Email Marketing

Email is more of a formal way of communication, mostly used by companies to send information to another company or the customers. Email marketing has grown a lot since the past few years, that is mostly because customers have linked their emails everywhere, whether it is social media or doing online shopping.

Emails are used to send a copy of a bill or any future deals to the customers. But are there any other ways to get potential customers through email? The answer is yes.

Emails have been around for a long time and will stay for much longer. Companies have understood that people check their emails once a day, and through informative emails, they can gain potential customers.

By creating an email subscription list, companies can get emails from people that are interested in what they provide and send them emails about offers and activities from time to time.



When a customer opens the email, the whole screen won’t have any other distractions. If the email is drafted nicely with great infographics, the reader will get attracted to reading it whole.

By providing proper information and a useful link, the user will be able to understand the purpose of the mail. If the reader is interested in the service, then via the link provided, he can access the service instantly..

Brand loyalty

Almost all the brand websites, at the end of it, give the user the option of joining their email subscription. With this, the customer will be able to receive mails regarding future offers and the latest services.

This also helps in creating brand loyalty among the existing customers. With emails, you can bring back the customers that already liked your product or enjoyed your services.

Bulk mails

There are even ways to reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on drafting emails and sending them. There are many tools that allow you to bulk mail.

This means all you need is a draft of a general mail and email ids of potential customers. With the help of the tool, you can send these emails to multiple people with one click. You can even schedule them according to your preferences. This saves time and effort and gives faster results.



Email marketing will only work on only those who actually use emails. That means you can only target a certain section of people. For example, if your target is kids, then email marketing won’t work since they don’t use emails.

Social Media marketing

Social media is a great way to engage with your customers. It can be used as both informal and formal ways of communication. It is a fact that companies that are not using social media are lacking behind and may lose many opportunities to increase their business.

What started as a casual communication method for people is now an integral part of marketing strategies. Companies make separate budgets for social media because social platforms now have the power to make or destroy any business.

There are many ways to use social media to increase customer growth. First and foremost step would be to have a company page on every platform and be super active on it. Regularly posting informative and interesting content will attract followers.

Social media can also be used as a way to get informal with customers to attend any query they have. Often on such social media, customers feel free to comment on any issue they have. This way, you can get to know things that are working for you.



Social media can be a great way to collect feedback on existing products/services or for ideas on future products. Traditional surveys can take up a lot of time and money as well to get a result, whereas, on social media, you can get results in no time.

Some companies have separate accounts for customer services. This makes it easy to connect to the customers that are facing any kind of issue.


Launching a product is a big thing, and having maximum attention from customers is needed. Social media platforms are a great place to launch your products. Companies can get super creative and can create an environment that excited the customers about that new product.


Everyone uses social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even pet parents create an account of their pets. Teenagers, working people, and senior citizens use social media, their content might be different, but you get all of these target audiences in one place.



When there are too many people at one platform, you can expect a few haters as well. It is very easy to spread hate or rumors easily on social media. This can damage a company’s years and build a reputation within a day.

Search marketing

We use the internet for almost everything. To study, to research, and even to know future weather prediction. The Internet is used for both academic and professional purposes, and we all know a big player in it. 

Google, a search engine that has made our life super easy with its advanced algorithm. The majority of the population uses Google to search, and Google tries to provide the most relevant website as the answer to the query.

Search marketing is basically placing your ads specifically for certain targeted people and selecting keywords. When an interested person searches for anything, the search engine will show an ad along with relevant websites. This makes it easy for the user as well as the company to gain more customers

Apart from ads it is also necessary to have a good website and having content super relevant to the main topic so it ranks better on google. Once your website starts ranking, you will see an increase in views and customers.

Search marketing is not that easy; you have to be alert and always provide the updated information. Elements like keywords and SEO also play a major role in it.

Google addresses climate deniers



One of the major reasons for successful search marketing is the advertisement. When you create an ad for a particular target and select keywords according to your advertisement won’t be visible to anyone that is not interested.

Even when it comes to payment, search marketing is cheaper than advertising on a billboard or on television. It is easy to run an ad on search engines, does not have complicated steps, whereas other advertisements need you to get in touch with a marketing agency that will charge a lot.


Since search engines like Google, Bing are the most common ones, you have a better idea of how to improve the website according to that particular search engine rules. If you are going for google, it is sure that you will get good traffic once you start ranking.


Through search marketing, you can be sure that people are searching for any particular product because they are interested in buying that. You are not wasting time and money in finding out which customer can be potential customers.

Here they come to you; this way, you have higher chances of conversion.



Trends on search engines are always changing. Keywords keep on changing, and when doing a search marketing campaign, you need to do proper research. The selection of wrong demographics and wrong keywords can hurt your search marketing.


Digital marketing has become a huge part of every company’s life. People have started hiring professionals specialized in social media marketing and created a whole team. Social media is here to stay, and companies are trying to make the most out of it.

While email can be a formal way, Search marketing and social media marketing can be an informal way to communicate with the customers. When comparing these 3 types, you can either select one and plan a proper marketing strategy and execute it.

But according to us, when all 3 of them are combined in one marketing strategy, it can give you great results. Here we have mentioned all the benefits as well as the cons that can affect a business. Hope this article brings you a little bit closer to understanding digital marketing better.

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