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In California, Dr. Paul Bryan joined Sandia National Laboratories as the Senior Scientist and Program Manager of SNL’s Biomass/Bioenergy Programs. Paul will lead Sandia’s programs in Biomass/Bioenergy R&D and serve as Laboratory Relations Manager with DOE EERE/BETO. He will also have oversight of JBEI/SNL and serve as the primary liaison with other key external sponsors including DOE (BER, and ARPA-E), DoD, CA State, industry, non-profit foundations, and others.

Paul is an internationally recognized expert in the field of biofuels and biotechnology with a distinguished 30-year R&D career in the chemicals and fuels industry, with the past 12 years as an executive and independent consultant in the biofuels/biotechnology industry.

“I am delighted to be joining the Biomass/Bioenergy Team at Sandia National Lab. I have already had some opportunity to work with these researchers through advisory and other assignments with Sandia itself and with JBEI, where Sandia is one of the key partners. The Team has an extraordinary group of people, projects, and partnerships already, but also tremendous potential for growth to help drive the burgeoning Bioeconomy and the Industrial Biotechnology Revolution.”

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