Blockchain used for next generation pilot of food traceability with soybeans : Biofuels Digest


In Canada, Grain Discovery, in partnership with the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association have leapt into the future of farm-to-table traceability with a pilot that used blockchain to follow locally produced Certified soybean seed through production and processing, ending with freshly packed tofu hitting grocery store shelves.

This first-of-its-kind pilot was supported by an investment of $58,000 from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (now the Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program) and through additional support from Grain Farmers of Ontario.

“From where food is grown, to where it is consumed, our food passes through many intermediaries and provenance is often lost,” said Rory O’Sullivan, Grain Discovery CEO. “This pilot is unique not only because the consumer and buyers can instantly access their food’s journey in the palm of their hand, but can verify the claims made by the product, like organic labelling or origin.”

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