Biodegradable computer, cow intestine lamps, soy-based turf, air-to-meat: The Digest’s Top 8 Innovations for the week of January 22nd


We all know the huge toll that electronics have on our planet, from the rare-earth metals like lanthanum, terbium, and dysprosium needed in the creation stage to what to do with quickly outdated electronics and a lack of widespread recycling programs. So a new biodegradable PC computer certainly catches the eye. Consisting of a portable keyboard that can be used with any display, the technical elements can be recycled and the polymer casing can be left to biodegrade in soil.

In today’s Digest, bio-computers, lamps made from cow intestines, the Indianapolis Colts’ pre-game soy-based turf, air-to-meat, and other crazy concoctions.

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