Anaerobic digesters, Netherlands style: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to Biogas in the Netherlands


An organization well worth knowing in the world of biogas, or renewable methane, is the indefatigable group organized as IEA Bioenergy Task 37, an international working group which covers the anaerobic digestion of biomass feedstocks including agricultural residues, energy crops, organic-rich waste waters, the organic fraction of municipal of solid waste  and industrial organic wastes. 

The main interests are the production of biogas for use directly for heat and power, upgrading of biogas to biomethane, utilisation of biogas/biomethane for electricity grid balancing and high quality digestate that can be used as biofertiliser. 

On of the most fantastic resources are the many and useful country reports which the group produces, and there are 4 new ones this year.

In this update, we look at the Netherlands — the whole biogas production chain from feedstock collection and pretreatment to biogas upgrading, biofertiliser application and process chain sustainability.

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