ABLC Preview – The Top 10 Industry Trends to Follow


In San Francisco, the industry is gathering for the 6th annual Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on Next-Gen Technologies and Markets.

Here are 10 themes and the news events that are propelling the industry to re-evaluate the pace and shape of development in key markets and R&D areas.


The news: This week we reported that United Airlines further strengthened its reputation as an aviation industry leader in environmental sustainability by committing $40 million toward a new investment vehicle focused on accelerating the development of sustainable aviation fuels and other decarbonization technologies. The carrier, which earlier this year agreed to purchase up to 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel over the next two years, will look to collaborate with other environmentally conscious partners on this extraordinary initiative. Among all airlines around the world, United holds more than 50% of all publicly announced purchase commitments to using sustainable aviation fuels and is the only U.S. carrier to currently use this fuel on a continuous basis.

Why significant and what’s next: We’ve seen more and more evidence that customers are getting organized in the vacuum created by timid feedstock owners and Pushmi-Pullyu policymakers. Dramatic changes in the structure of sustainable aviation fuels will be needed to deploy them at scale, and it appears that dramatic changes are a’coming.

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